Slovak Spectator – newspaper

While in Slovakia we discovered an interesting newspaper called “the Slovak Spectator” it is the only newspaper in Slovakia written in English. They have great articles for all of those who are interested in the developments in Slovakia. Please have a look at there website where they offer a lot of free content. The allso publish a yearly guide about Slovakia with great travelling tips.

Traveling in Slovakia

Train BoardIn recent years the infrastructure in Slovakia has been upgraded. A number of projects have been initialized by European funds. Highway have been reconstructed and train stations have been upgraded. However there are still spots that remind how it was in the past. Actually these “old Skool” spots are what we like the most, it’s really authentic in a way. For example at the main station of Bratislava most is still authentic, there is a beautiful corner when you can leave your luggage for a small fee. Also you can still to buy a coffee from the machine for just euro 0.30 ! Although which ever button you press, its always with sugar.This is how Slovaks seem to drink there coffee. In the waiting area free wifi is available ( December 2012).

Bratislava Train Station

Fare for the trains are very affordable, and it is an excellent way to travel If you are not in a hurry. As trains don’t run as often as you might experience in Holland or Germany and therefore can be packed with people. Especially students on Friday or Sunday afternoon traveling to there dorm or house. It’s advised to make a reservation if you make a longer journey so you are assured of a seat. The train which we used was equipped with free wifi and 220volt sockets for charging phone or laptop. A one-way ticket for about 100km by train costs around Euro 5.00 (december 2012) More info on the website of Slovak Rail. You can also find a up-to-date map of the Slovak Rail on there website.

About Hiking in Slovakia


Hiking Pole

If you like hiking Slovakia is perfect with it mountains and dense network of hiking routes. All over the country you can find well marked trails or walking routes. It consists of many poles with signs that indicate how far (in time) it is to the next point. It’s maintained by the Slovak Tourist Club. We found them both in small rural villages as in the Low and High Tatras. You can buy hiking maps in Slovakia for around Euro 5 (december 2012) which clearly indicate the routes and points. There are several maps, each having a specfic touristic area to plan your hike. Have a look at this website, it’s an online hiking map with all routes in Slovakia. Use google translate if your Slovak is not that good. We will put some custom hikes on our blog soon, mainly in the low Tatras, where we visit Chopok mountain in the summer of 2012.

Traveling to Slovakia Part II

In this post we explain how to travel to Slovakia by car from the Netherlands.

Depending from where you are in Holland its about 1200 kilometers to Slovakia. There are different routes you can take. If you are traveling from the north of Holland, we suggest you take the route which goes by Germany, Czech Republic and finally Slovakia. You cross the border with Czech Republic at Dresden, this is about half way. We stayed here one night to explore the city of Dresden, staying at Schloss Pillnitz.

Schloss Pillnitz Dresden

Schloss Pillnitz Dresden

When you cross the border with Czech Republic, don’t forget to buy a toll sticker at the first petrol station you will pass. For prices look on the website of Czech Motorways as they change every year. Follow the sign to Prague and from there to Brno. It’s all quite forward as you can see in this road map.

Road map Czech Republic

In general the highways are quite good, however some parts are still made of concrete slabs / plates which is not always comfortable, especially if you are driving with a caravan. When you enter Slovakia you also have to buy the toll sticker at the border.

Border Slovakia

Border Slovakia

For prices on toll in Slovakia visit the website of the National Motorway Company. It’s comparable with the system in Czech Republic. Here can download a Map of motorways in Slovakia in PDF format (situation 12/2012).

Traveling to Slovakia Part I

In this post we explain how to travel to Slovakia by Bus.

If you are not short of time and have a limited budget one of the easiest ways is to travel with Eurolines to the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. It takes about 18 hours from Amsterdam to Bratislava. You have to change a the Eurolines Station in Vienna. You will arrive at the busstation in Bratislava, from there you can take a tram to the city centre (around Euro 0.80) for a one way Ticket and takes about 10 minutes. You can buy the ticket for the trams in the machines near the tram and bus stops. So make sure you have one before you enter the tram.

Bus Station Bratislava

Bus Station Bratislava

It takes about 18 hours from Amsterdam to Bratislava. The earlier you book, the cheaper it is. Return ticket starting from around Euro 80 (december 2012)

Eurolines Bus Station Amsterdam

Eurolines Bus Station Amsterdam near Amstel Station